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Getting Started (read time <2m)

In order for me to build you an appealing and effective web site I will need to understand your business. I will do this by asking you for your thoughts about your business image, your target market, your uniqueness and/or the benefits of a potential client using your services against one of your competitors.

We can do this over the phone, by email, Facetime or whatever and/or meet to discuss detail.

I will start by putting some ideas together and talk them through with you. This will include theme, graphics and logos (if you don't already have one) colour schemes, photo imagery, video, layout and navigation links between pages. You can provide me with the text, or you can let me put something together and we can amend it all to your liking until you get what you want.

It is possible to do all of this without the need to meet as I can put sample pages up onto the web without making them visible to others. We can then discuss them further and amend them whilst displaying them online. As we chat, more and more direction toward the final look and feel of the site will begin to emerge.

Most of the sites I have designed have been completed without a face to face meeting using standard communications technology. This means I don’t have to be local to you. We don’t have to waste your valuable time and money travelling.

Eventually, it all comes together and I publish the website, with no surprises because you have been consulted throughout the process.