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How much will it cost?

Well, not nearly as much as if you went to a commercial web design company. As I said before I enjoy web design and I don't look to make lots of profit, nor do I have loads of overheads to meet. My costs depend on two things:

1. How long it takes me to produce it which is directly linked to the complexity and size of the site

2. How much on-costs I incur. That's things like the purchasing of special imagery (photos etc), the cost of the initial hosting and stuff like that. I don't look to profit out of the on-costs, and I get approval from you first.

Typically my web sites cost the client between £Free-£300 plus on-costs which are typically say £20 for purchased imagery and about £50-60 for the initial 2 years web hosting and email services. I'll agree a price with you beforehand. There will be no unpleasant surprises!

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