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Most small enterprises feel that in this “modern age” their businesses won’t get along without a web site. To some extent this is a myth.

In reality, few people will stumble across your web site by general query Google searches. Google makes its millions from companies who pay huge sums to be at, or near the top of search lists for specific queries from “I need a window cleaner all the way through to a new car, or house!”

Nor will a web site, on its own, improve your presence in the market place. To maximise local knowledge of your services I also ask you to consider the use of social media to advertise your services. Social media such as Facebook deploys “push” technology to put your name out to their market place. A Facebook business page is free! If you’re already a FB user you can attach a link to your web site to your page. If you want you can spend just a few pounds to boost your local presence significantly. But if you build a up a good list of ‘friends’ you can easily keep them informed of your hard earned reputation for doing what you do! They in turn will refer them to your web site.

So why have a web site at all?

I urge you to think of a web site more like a brochure for your activity or services. Apart from clearly stating what you do, it should be visually appealing. And rich with answers to convince a potential customer to look more into the reasons why to choose your particular services over anyone else’s.

Also make sure you have your web site address on any advertising you purchase and put it on your business card together with your email and Facebook address. Also put regular updates of your activities on Facebook too with a link to your web site with every post. Your web site will come with a unique email facility like this one does, paul@parrisconsulting.com It lets people know you’re serious player in what you do. The “parrisconsulting.com” or “joebloggs.co.uk” is called your domain name and is unique across the planet.

People who are looking for a service, more often than not ask friends if they can recommend say, a decorator. They then look at a list of local decorators on Google, including the one recommended, and make their choice who to phone from the look, feel and content of their web sites.

So, it’s not just a web site that brings in business!

Web sites have other functions too. To describe a place such as a village and its activities. E.g. www.skillingtonlife.co.uk or an activity club. As a shopping site. It is also an excellent medium as a knowledge base.

So be cautious about web design outfits who try to convince you that a web site will double your business. I can say, on its own, it is unlikely.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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